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The Y28 X-Wing continues to move forward in the ever evolving discipline of slalom racing and speed. New for Y28 we completely redesigned the medium wind sizes to optimise them for fin and foil, keeping the 7.8 and 7.0 up to date with current trends in the PWA racing world.

Last year we introduced a higher aspect outline and flatter profile in the larger sizes, designed to work great on both fin and foil. The results turned out to be really impressive particularly in the 8.4 size which whilst optimised for foil, worked amazingly well on fin. As foiling is pushing the limits even in the stronger winds, we set about applying the same concept to the smaller sails. The results again were great, with a better balance in the sail meaning it was faster than the Y27 version especially on fin. Now all the larger sizes from 9.0 to 7.0 feature this higher aspect outline, making them more efficient whether on fin or foil. The smaller sizes have been refined and with their neutral and controllable power, they naturally worked great whatever is under your feet. So whether its slalom racing, foil racing or speed, the Y28 X-Wing has you covered for everything.


  • Finer foil entry and repositioned draft for better low end drive and increased performance when sailing tight into the wind.
  • Overlapping asymmetric batten pockets, for light weight and symmetrical performance on both tacks.
  • Double Power Clew system for huge tuning range.
  • Stretch control seam for improved stability through the base of the sail.
  • Mix of carbon and glass battens for optimum performance throughout.
  • Integrated trim system for perfect rigging every time.
  • 8.4/9.0 – High aspect design for both fin and foil light wind performance.
  • NEW for Y28 7.0/7.8 – High Aspect design for both fin and foil medium/high wind performance.
  • 7.0-9.0 – SDM mast for improved reflex and performance in lighter winds.
  • 5.2-6.2 – RDM mast for control and comfort in high winds.
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  • Slightly reduced head twist to increase downforce for improved board control.

  • High aspect design to improve efficiency and control. An increased luff length, and narrower outline in the larger sizes increases control, improves stability and gives a more efficient wing planform.

  • ITS – Integrated Tuning System for perfect set up every time.

  • Increased mid-leech twist, for lightning acceleration and maximum control.

  • Finer entry profile for reduced drag.

  • Alternating overlapping batten pockets for lighter weight and optimum symmetry.

  • Power clew system with 2 eyelets for increased tuning. Upper hole for more power and acceleration, lower hole for increased control.

  • Repositioned draft for better low end drive and increased performance when sailing tight into the wind.

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