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    This technology gives the lightest feel under your feet and adds a superb finishing level. Even more reactive and alive thanks to the 88 grams carbon fibers on the bottom, this board rides without compromise. Using black as a distinctive colour, it’s the most exclusive and eye catching.

    Semi custom / Biaxial innegra carbon deck and 88 grams spread tow carbon bottom.

  • LTD

    The LTD is our “industry benchmark” for high performance boards and is now improved thanks to the new deck laminate that reduces weight and increases impact resistance.

    The Biaxial Carbon innegra fibers guarantee an impressive strength and long life. By mixing layers of innegra and carbon we also got a superb distinctive look. The bottom is built with 5 mm PVC foam 100 Kgs/m3, covered with a 160 grams glass full length and a half bottom length glass layer.

    Semi custom / Biaxial innegra carbon deck and glass bottom.

  • LTE

    The LTE is our wood technology which combines strength and lightness by adding specific reinforcements and perfectly combining them underneath the wood laminate.

    Those layers are combined together and placed very efficiently to reinforce the most stressed parts, leaving a lighter weight in less stressed areas. Both deck and bottom are laminated using a 0,6 mms wood veneer and Biaxial Glass fibers with a solid PVC reinforced bottom.

  • E-TECH

    Our strongest technology, the E-TECH is made for those entering or starting windsurfing. Suitable for schools and centers that want maximum durability.

    On the deck it combines 2 glass layers of 300gr and 400gr together with the Wood 0,6 mm which is the most resistant material available. The bottom has a thick glass layer of 450 gr and reinforcements on both nose and tail for maximum impact resistance.

    Glass epoxy skin top and bottom.

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